my style of bodywork :: is hands on healing by means of myofascial release, soft tissue massage, tendon release, and my absolutely favorite, cranial sacral work.

+++ i work at the rate at which your body is willing to receive my touch. i use my intuition and seeing touch to follow your bodies fascial lines of tension, old fascial patterns and sights of past injury. using intuitive caress, clairvoyance and skilled technique, we actively heal your body together.

the clairvoyant part :: first discovered at the ripe age of three by my mother, i receive many forms of intuitive information but vision is by far my strongest.

+++ cute story - one day my mother was introducing me, an only child, to the family photos in my parents upstairs hallway. she came to a portrait of my great grandmother Mimi, an artist of many mediums, and said "you never knew her but she loved you greatly!" i immediately replied, "oh! i know her, that's the lady who sits on the toilet and talks to me while i take a bath." my beautiful, witchy mother knew more about me in that moment than she could possibly convey to her three year old.

+++ as an adult, intersectional feminist, healer and lover of all things mystical - i have spent the last few years intently reconnecting to my intuition while actively rejecting societies notions and fear of the gifts i posses like clairvoyance, clairaudience, and other witches traits. what i have discovered is that i can not do my hands on healing bodywork without receiving images and messages from the body i'm touching, and as part of my practice of self acceptance and truth speaking i have brought this into my active work with each client.

energy exchange :: sliding scale

  • 30 min cranial sacral - $30-$50

  • 60 min bodywork - $50-$100

  • 90 min bodywork - $85-$130

  • 120 min bodywork - $120-$200